The Drugs that Saved my Life: A Journey

Whenever someone talks about medications one of the first things they want to know about it side-effects. And of course they do! Nobody wants to try to solve a problem and create more problems in the process.  And nobody wants to make things so bad that the cure is worse than the disease! This is extremely Read More

When Everything isn’t Enough: A Medication Story

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness and even more around the use of medications to treat them.  As much as I can’t stand the stigma, drugs can be scary (ask me how I know!) and definitely need to be explored a bit before jumping on board.   As I mentioned in Depression: Doctors, Read More

Depression: Doctors, Hospitals, and Medication

My experience with mental illness (depression and anxiety in particular) goes pretty far back so it was hard to identify when things got to the point where I needed a bit of external help.  You see, depression and anxiety (at least in my experience) don’t usually hit all at once and then you know just Read More