About Me

Who am I?

Mechanical engineering student, mental health advocate, giver of advice, book lover, knitter, and writer.
I’m a little Newfie girl, raised in Nova Scotia, and a serious lover of tea.  I am an engineering student, an artist, a nerd, and an animal lover.  My favorite things include reading, science, art, and making people laugh.  I also have depression, anxiety, and a possible learning disability – but they do not have me.  

What do I want for you, my reader?

I want you to feel supported, understood, fortified, loved, and cared for.  I want to be a person you can run to when you need comfort, advice, or even just to escape from your struggles. 
I want this, my little corner of the internet, to be a safe haven for you.  I want to share it with you and let my comfort be your comfort.  My inspiration be your inspiration.  My journey be a part of your journey and your journey be a part of mine.  Everyone needs a bit of community and I want to be a part of yours. 
I want to help you to be confident, be grounded, and be courgaeous.  No matter what.
So, if you’ll have me, I would like to share an occasional cup of tea (or coffee, whatever you prefer!) with you and chat about life.  Sometimes the good stuff, the fun stuff, the inspiration and excitement.  Sometimes the hard stuff, the struggles and the hurt.  As Ann Voskamp, one of my very favorite authors, wrote, “The wounds that never heal are always the ones mourned alone” (The Broken Way, 2016).  I don’t want to mourn alone and I don’t want you to either.  So, together, let’s face life head on and whatever it has in store for us.  We’re in this together now.  I’m with you.
Yours truly,